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During outpatient/clinical discharge process patient’s to home, or subacute nursing homes, caregivers or relatives get a complex printed instructions (drug regimens are only followed at 40% at best, and are root-case of 70% of non-reconciled drugs regimens detected in re-hospitalized preventable visits.
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La diferencia entre un acceso remoto al RIS-PACS y un portal unificado de la información del paciente Personal Controlled Health Record (PCHR): La integración en algunos casos de un portal web de cada hospital o Clínica para que los pacientes ingresen a ver sus imágenes (Patient Portal) es una extensión sencilla pero poco práctica en realidad para los pacientes.
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The projections of recent years in electronic commerce in health show a high rate of growth associated with the growth and security of Internet transactions. It is estimated a current traffic that doubles every hundred days and that in the United States alone supports eighty-three million users; partly thanks to the annual growth rate of 500 percent of electronic commerce transactions.
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The moment of virtualization of “online-pharmacies” tend increasingly to be CMS, with greater benefits for users constitute a very suitable field in investment for the entry of Amazon to Colombia.

No more cds…

Despite a successful transition from film-based to digital imaging in radiology, both radiology reports and its images have not had any major improvement in more than two decades, but CDs. Currently, radiology images still are been delivered to patients in old-fashion CD-ROMs, converting them in a major headache for patients and doctors when opening, which it is also against current trends of designing PCs and laptops that does not come anymore with CD-DVD readers. (starting by Macs)