Actionable exchange data

We’re changing the way healthcare translate data into action to make the easier as possible to find a better health for all of us.

Here it is our roadmap to accurately and quickly translate medical information data from EMR to Gmail, so patient can reliably change habits and follow medical recomendations

HIPAA Compliance

Create G Suite Accounts

Interconecting Gmail accounts between Doctor and Patient

Outpatient Delivery

Sync Transition of Care plans

Sync patient plan to Gmail either to home or Nurse Skill facility (NSF)

NLP Medical Translation

Exchange Medical Data

Normalize ClinicalSummary and PatientSearch data models

Gibberish Meaning to Patients

Simplifying conversations

Natural language detection, entity categorization, and phrase extraction.

G Suite Care Tools

Empowering at-risk patients

Deliver world-class care outside of the hospital access to their doctor at email level.

AI at your personal behaviour

Individual-Level Predictive Modeling

Anticipate possible clinical scenarios with better follow-ups post- hospital /ED visits


Discharged from Hospital,

The lack in healthcare transitions when leaving hospital generates inaccurate transfer of information, lack of comprehensive follow up care, and/or medication errors at the time of transition that could be very dangerous and cause serious, preventable harm to patients.

These risks are amplified by patients and families who feel unprepared for self-management, and are unsure of how to access appropriate health care providers for follow-up.